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Prosper Systems, LLC Kenton H Johnson, Chief Consultant
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A short summary, with links for some examples
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email PDFs if prefer)


We excel at analysis focusing on financial - research, Spreadsheets/tables, reports, conclusions, recommendations (have produced several dozen over the last 40 years, and daily use spreadsheets for financial analysis, proposals, small databases, database reorganization, etc).


Most professionals can plug in numbers into an analysis model, but:

   Is the model relevant and accurate?

   Are the input data relevant for the type and locale?

   Is it using data from the best database?

   Is your data available in the required format for the software?
(If not, we are masters at parsing and reformatting input data sets)

   Is the model's data available to other software, via programable interfaces or raw data transfers?
(if not obvious
, we can usually dig into the database and make it available.)

   If a custom Spreadsheet, is it:


Properly connected to any external databases?


Allow for instant changes using named parameters?

Instantly create printable reports, reformatted data sets, and multiple formats of information sheets for funders - all from the spreadsheet data?
(Examples available from our projects database)

A professional needs to know his tools and how they basically work to rely on them, so understanding the technology of analysis allows us to anticipate the reasonable range of outcomes, prepare the correct data and properly enter the data, double-checking the results.



   Basic Analysis - examples:

Quick analysis of some local apartments pulled from a sales database Apartments Values - QUICKIE

Basic ROI for a small commercial rental 7-Unit Apartment Bldg - ROI-BASIC

Thorough analysis of large residential, complete with lists, map, pictures and comps Large Residence Proposal with Comps and Deep Details

Summary database with extensions for data downloaded from the MLS Properties List - From Online Details

   Complete evaluation for Buying or Selling a Property or Business - from-scratch or customized tables and reports, based on extensive data aggregation

   Local lease-rate analysis - a straight-forward Spreadsheet comparison of lease rates, in a report with the base data found, similar to the large residential Analysis


LEASES (Americas or Europe)

   Individuals, startups (your highest risk - see below) to mature companies

   Fixed, negotiated price at about 1% of anticipated, first-year NOI

   Fast Delivery

   Having built dozens of businesses, directly consulted many more dozens, and written business columns for tens of thousands of businesses, we know business from conception through profit then sale



   Overviews - generally startups' Financial ProFormas (the Money - see Gold PanAm Financial ProForma) - as well as the remainder of the Mission, Market, and Management Team - see Gold PanAm Overview

   Commercial Real Estate - development which culminates with or starts at sell/lease or buy - see example of a through 10-year analysis of a mining project PCM Production Financial Proforma

   Complete data accumulation, analysis, compilation and presentation of a new business venture with one or multiple streams of income - see example of a $5 Billion mine development and sale business, researching multiple data sources, CONSOLIDATING the data into higher higher-level summaries, then presenting in a complete investor summary - CMGR_Summary Financials from Source Database


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