Prosper Systems Investment eBrief - 6/5/2008

Hot Property - will go fast - REPLY ASAP.  If not for you, please refer to earn 4% of my profit.  Co-Investors and Private Lenders:  read on too.


Castle Pines Village, 4 bed x 4 bath x 3-car attached x 2,564 sqft main, 2,227 sqft finished walkout basement, 1/2 Acre.  Superior design, construction, views.

    Value $1.2M+, Price  $792K --> 66% Price to Value

    $5K-10K minor rehab estimate completed

    ROI*:  317% per year on 6-month median (14% to >10K% range, for 13- to 1-month hold).

    Close by 6/30/08

    Updated Details:  CALL ASAP +1(720)20-HELP-3 for a complete proposal.


    To flip or move in.


Co-Investors - be the bank, do 3% of the work, share profit 50-50 with me, but still make 70% the above ROI.


Private Lenders - increase your normal ROI to as much as 558% ... OR ... lend to me at your standard rates.


Email the REQUEST below, and I'll email you the link to the details, comps, active listing and my full ROI analysis.


Last week's Iola property is under contract.  More great deals to come - stay tuned.


Remember - I can sell your property too!  Email me the specs (as above) asap!


Best Wishes,


Kenton Johnson, +1(720)20-HELP-3 / (888)4-KENTON

* ROI = annual return on investment.  

REQUEST FOR DETAILS AND FULL ANALYSIS (respond by completing in an email to


I,          (fill in your legal name)          , agree on the date and time of this REPLY email to not circumvent or compete against you or the contract holder, for a period of 30 days, and to work through Prosper Systems on this property.  Please email me the details, comps, active listing and my full ROI analysis as soon as possible.  I am ready to contract on excellent properties or know people who have the interest, credit and money to contract for this property.