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Updated 1/5/2020 by KHJ

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Our main BUYING and SELLING interests are:


  • Our Buyers* want VALIDATED us$10mm++ properties and businesses:


5-star resorts; office buildings; shopping centers; chains of grocery, fast-food, brand-name, radio & TV businesses; large farms timber stands, ranches; all types of mines; oil refineries; paper mills; manufacturing companies; sport teams; ship lines; airlines; precious metals; any other large assets.


us$250mm++ hotels and resorts (prefer $500mm++, foreign, low/no debt)


us$50mm+ US and $500mm+ Foreign producing O&G operations (see below)


us$50mm to $100mm for 20-49% of US/Canadian O&G production – see


us$50mm++ uncut raw diamonds, 5 carats or more


us$10mm for precious assets such as art, diamond collections and other collectibles


us$10mm+ specialized business with low risk, high reward


us$10mm+ (based on $2mm-$5mm EBITDA) Light Manufacturing, Industrials (proprietary parts manufacturing, and related services - inspection, environmental services, analytics), Aerospace and related Services (MRO, ERO, etc), Infrastructure and related Services, Transportation (logistics, 3PL, charter)


  Business Brokers and Attorneys invited to participate


  • Close to or actual Cash-flowing, 10%+ ROI, and a Seller/Representative who speaks English decently and will get down to business**


  • Locations:  Europe, Americas, Australasia, other friendly nations, and perhaps India


  • The Buyers usually have a lawyer or other professional broker as their Representative


  • We expect the Seller to pay the commission, that you share equally with fully-active brokers or 50-50 Seller’s and Buyer's sides.  Note:  our Buyers generally don't pay commissions, and we have a Lawyer on our TEAM and Realtors who will process our end professionally.
    If the commission is left open, we mark up the Seller’s base price to make the commission about 6-10% under us$25mm, sloping continuously to 4-7% at $100mm and 1% at $1bln+


  • ALL OFFERS MUST be accompanied with the PROFESSIONALLY-REQUIRED COMMISSION and SPLITS between brokers or Buyer's and Seller's side, repeated in the cover email.  Any offers made to us without the commission and splits may result in termination of connections and communications.***


  • If you have or know of PRODUCING O&G OPERATIONS FOR SALE, we have Buyers for:


us$50mm-$200mm US Producing Oil & Gas operations (fast, cash Buyer)


us$500mm+++ non-US Producing Oil & Gas operations (voracious, fast, cash Buyer)


  • Our SELLERS have similar properties and businesses of many types, so we would be interested in speaking to you about YOUR BUYERS





We broker properties, business and other assets, most-likely like you, but via a securities lawyer on staff (if needed), and work with private us$bln Buyers who do NOT divulge proof of funds (POF), their portfolio properties or contact information, or issue letters of intent/interest (LOI) until:


  We've completed a thorough due diligence then


  • A Buyer, registered broker or mandate has a serious conversation with the Seller, registered broker or mandate.


Our eight-member TEAM has 275+ years of experience in many aspects of commercial real estate, business and other asset classes.


Our extensive, professional internet presences, as well as our thorough, professional email exchanges, are a strong indication that we are serious, capable collaborators.

We also work with several Public and Private Lenders for Leveraged Buyouts, Bridge Loans and Debt Payoffs.



If the project or business is IN DEVELOPMENT, see our Startup / Expansion Consulting



PROPERTIES OR BUSINESSES FOR SALE that you have or know of - we MUST know up front (prefer us$100mm++ price, but can go down to $10mm for special businesses):




1.    Price

2.  Commissions and which side is paying, for BOTH Sellers' and Buyer's brokers (10% preferred - sloping continuously down to 1% for us$bln+ sales, depending on level of sales documentation preparation)

3.    How commissions are Shared among brokers or Seller's and Buyer's sides (prefer equally-shared among fully-active brokers)


  Summary (one paragraph is fine)


  City and Country (prefer Europe, Americas, Australasia, other friendly nations, and perhaps India)


  • Net operating income (EBITDA preferred)


  • Appraised value


  • Level of debt in percent of value


  All documents need to be in English


  • It helps to have all information documents consistently named, as well as aggregated into a single, ordered PDF file


  • Attach preferred Non-Disclosure Agreement or complete a short, concise, but complete NDNC & Fee Agreement- must show full contact information for the discloser



*REFERRALS APPRECIATED:  We continue to look for additional Buyers and their highly-responsive Representatives for us$100mm+++ properties and businesses.  See our current, provide similar information, and enjoy lucrative


**SELLERS / REPRESENTATIVES respond to emails in 8 business hours, keep scheduled meetings - in person, Skype or conference call - providing requested information within a business day, and continue to work with us until a decision is made by the Buyer.


*** It is amazing how many sales offers come WITHOUT COMMISSIONS and SPLITS, but it is like a car salesman saying, "Drive this car around for a while, pay for the gas, get it inspected on your time and dime, get your spouse all excited about it, THEN I'll tell you the price!"



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