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Directly from or supervised by Kenton H Johnson, MS, using his extensive Skill Set

Very important in 21st-Century, nearly 3rd-Decade business transactions.

Extremely important in preparing, presenting, processing and profiting from us$10M+++ projects.


Prosper Systems provides hands-on and remote assistance in the following areas, sub-areas and programs:


Services - normally Remote (with years of experience)

Some of these sections are expanded in Mr Johnson's Skill Set - spanning 40+ years

Financing (debit and equity) - consult on the required Steps, analyze/create financial Projections, prepare Overview, Business Plan and operational documents, find/vet additional team Members, train officers and staff for offering and presentations, ANALYZE and EVALUATE Finance Options, vet and introduce lenders/funders, finalize documents with legal and financial professionals, advise on additional funding, Complimentary 2-Page Overview Review - 25+ years

Business Analysis - utilize the software, research, database, and other services summarized below, to analyze the financial, marketing, operational and other success aspects of Real Estate Leasees / Properties, as well as Commercial Real Estate, High Tech, Mining, and O&G businesses - 30+ years

Advanced Technology (Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Design, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Property, Financial, Computer Applications) - research latest; write abstracts, white papers and articles; guide management on future plans; design effective user interfaces; market current technology products and services - 40+ years

Marketing - Internet - apply several of the programs above to do the latest high-tech, ultra-effective marketing, - Golden InfoNuggets and GOgitMMM™ Report - 20+ years

Blogs, eLetters - Blogger, WordPress, Yahoo, via Social Media, adding to WebSites - 20+ years

Marketing - eMail Lists - Google, Yahoo, Social Media and mobile phone Apps - 20+ years

Marketing - WebPage/WebSite Creation - from Microsoft Office, Domain registration, Sub-Domain creation, GoDaddy Website Tonight, Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn Company Page, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), best hosting services, HTML and mobile phone customization - 20+ years

Marketing/Sales - Presentation Documents - Microsoft Office PowerPoint and directly/faster from Office/Google/OpenOffice Docs - 30+ years

Social Media - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Hootsuite, Google+, MeetUp, within WebPages, mobile phone Apps and Golden InfoNuggets - 20+ years

Internet Communications (Instant Message, Voice or Video) - Skype, Google Talk/Hangouts, Social Media, and mobile phone Apps - 20+ years

Internet Browsers - Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Foxfire - 20+ years

Spreadsheet Documents - Microsoft Office Excel, Google Docs Spreadsheet and Apache OpenOffice Spreadsheet - 40+ years

Research - Public Records, MLS, Google, Bing, Yahoo, online encyclopedias, searching inside websites, and recording results - 20+ years

Writing (see extensive technical Publication List) - technical and marketing, many media - 40+ years

Editing - abstracting, improving technical documents, internet content - in English, as well as refine technical and marketing English translations from Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian - 40+ years

Word Processing Documents - Microsoft Office Word, Google Docs Documents, Apache OpenOffice Text Processing and several Text Processors - 40+ years

Graphics from photos, scanner or scratch - Corel Draw, AutoCAD, Google Docs Drawings and Apache OpenOffice Drawing - 30+ years

PDF Documents - Win2PDF, Apache OpenOffice, Adobe Acrobat Reader and PDFSAM - creation (scanner, photo or document), modification, merging and splitting - and mobile phone viewing Apps - 30+ years

Software Development - strong; 100's of programs; demographic analysis, user interviews, specifications, design, programming and testing - 50+ years, using: FORTRAN, C+, BASIC, ALGOL, HTML, website builders, and problem-oriented & machine languages

Computer Systems - very knowledgeable; PC, mini, mainframe, timeshare; programming, aggressive use, networking; IBM, Control Data, Data General, NCR, and Digital Equipment (VAX and workstation) computers with punch card, direct and terminal accesss - 50+ years

Web Development - strong; at least 1,500 pages - 50+ sites, 2 @ 500+ webpages each; HTML, template and website-builder systems; see more details on Web Development - 20+ years

Databases - Microsoft Office Excel & Access, Google Docs, DealStream, LinkedIn, Reonomy, Privy, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, TechFetch, eLance, AskVisory, PipeDrive, Zoho and other CRMs - 40+ years

eMail - Microsoft Outlook / Express, Google / Yahoo / Comcast eMail, Word MailMerge, Constant Contact & other CRMs, Social Media, and mobile phone Apps - 20+ years

Internet Storage - DropBox, GoDaddy, Google, Flickr and mobile phone Apps - 15+ years

Computer Optimization - diagnostics, tools and upgrades - 30+ years

Communication Interfacing - Cell Phone Communications, Web and mobile phone Apps; Android, T-Mobile, Verizon - 25+ years


On-Site Services

Independent application of the tools listed above

Business Consultation as minor part of Services, or on separate Consultation-rate contract

Follow-On Remote Services provided at rates listed below




9 am to 6 pm USA Mountain Time ramote, extended hours possible on-site - see handy World Clock with map

Americas - USA-type area code (+1xxx) - telephone, instant message, voice or video

Elsewhere - internet communications - instant message, voice or video

Schedule a Call (with Video options)


Compensation (unless otherwise stated in service links above):

Minimum two hours, paid in advance

Rates (scaled down to 26% @ 60+ hours/month: us$350 per hour USA, $400/hour with other USA-type area code (+1xxx) in the Americas, and $500/hour elsewhere

Project visits: travel time at half rate, first 30 minutes not charged; out of area travel - $500 per day North America, $900 per day elsewhere; air included, but paid in advance per professional estimate

Firm quotes made on each project

Retainer packages, paid in advance, available at substantial rate reduction. Special monthly Subscription Consulting, only $499, mostly review and advice, however includes a major bonus for startups and expansions - introduction to one, vetted funder per month

On-Call Invoicing - sent when account has only one hour remaining

Email Invoicing - no charge

Paper Invoicing - $25 per invoice


Compensation Payment

Initial and Additional Compensation payable via PayPal or major Credit Card at

Optional - payable by blockchain, US bank certified check or wire transfer

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