Southern Idaho USA Gold,
Platinum Group Metals and Rare Elements Mine

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Price:  US $480,000,000

Mineral Value (estimated on 10 of 70 BLM claims):  US $54B based on in-ground assets with similar amounts of Platinum and Gold

Reserve:  50,000,000 tons

Project Brief:  Extraordinary events created this ultra-rich deposit, virtually unique in mine history.  In recently-completed pilot stage of its environmentally-friendly mining project in Southern Idaho, it has a ready-for-production, US supply, for a growing global demand of Gold, Platinum, and other valuable Elements.  This mine has six distinctive offerings, each valuable in mining:

1.  Rich deposits, combining separate types of lava flows, which this 50M-ton reserve, based on customized assaying of core-hole composite and bulk samples as well as pilot testing leach process, on only 10 of the 70 BLM claims, is US$54B:

·   Gold and some Silver, and Platinum Group Metals, including Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium
Important in many applications, and prices growing rapidly.

·   Rare elements Niobium and Rubidium, and
Rare-Earth elements including Cerium, Lanthanum and Yttrium
Critical elements in many manufacturing and industrial applications.

2.  Eco-friendly, non-cyanide, "halide leach” processing specifically designed for this mine's ore, which will greatly diffuse environmentalist objections of mining operations.  The process has been tested well in the lab and partially in the pilot project, so it has very strong possibilities for great success.  Rights to own or use this process, could make processing more effective and more community preferred in other mining operations. 

3.  The plant is currently permitted to process 2600 tons of ore reside on the plant’s grounds 20 miles south of the mine.  With the addition of upgraded equipment, will be able to generate income immediately, as well as further enhance the processing algorithms.  Additional permitting will

4.  The production pro-forma shows fairly conservative grades and only uses Gold and Platinum, yet produces excellent 5-year IRR while ramping up to at a modest production level.  Processing Palladium, Rhodium and the Rare Elements will only increase the yield and profits.

5.  The owners have also worked diligently with the local residents, city, county, state and the BLM, to build excellent community relationships, ameliorating difficulties in start-up operations.

6.  The reserves are for only 10 of the 70 claims at 20 acres each, so multiple 10-claim operations or business entities could be created to multiply profits yet minimize permitting requirements.

This is a tremendous value at a pre-production price, which will only go up dramatically as the yield is verified in production and the asset greatly increases to its full potential.

Terms:  Cash

Exit Strategy:  Sell now

Sellable Assets (US$M estimated):  US $500K – 12Ksqft facilities for testing and production

Current EBITDA Profit:  Not in Production Yet

Minimum Projected EBITDA:  US $1.9M, year 1

Ultimate Annual Profit:  continuing growth to US $477M+ year 5 or sooner, depending on ramp up rate

Management Team Experience:  5, 137+ years

Operating Company:  Resources Opportunity Corp, Int.

Property Description:  86kA; Base Property 9A next to town,

Base Property Definition:  11K sqft testing lab, 1K sqft on-site office bldg

Year Purchased:  2004

Year Built:  1980

Recent Improvements:  Pilot Plant Retro-Fit

Documentation:  Mineralization, 2010; Metallurgical, 2010; Leach Tests, 2008; Feasibility, 2003; Surface Sample Rpt, 2003; 12-Core, 330-Assay Results, 2002

Sales Documentation:  Executive Summary, 2011; 70 Technical Reports, 2002-10; PPT Presentation, 2011; Mgt Team Resumes, 2011

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