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CATCH PHRASES - We are continually looking for and evaluating more of the following (pick your favorite):


·  Companies, Collaborators & Capital  OR ...

·  Businesses, Brokers & $Billions  OR ...

·  Firms, Freelancers & Financing  OR ...

·  Missions, Members & Money  OR ...

·  Projects, Professionals & Payers




Project types and project registration are at


Our primary focus is on selling large projects, described at


·  High-Tech - hardware, software, services and mobile Apps, growing to be worth us$100M++

·  Energy Fields - Wind, Solar, Oil, Gas, Shale, Geothermal, with us$1bn++ in-ground assets, worth us$50M+++ (prefer us$200M+++)

·  Turnkey Income Properties - Apartment Complexes, Malls, Office Buildings, Industrial Parks, growing to us$10M++ Net Operating Income (worth us$100M++)

·  Mines - Gold, Silver, PGM, Other Metals, Coal, Uranium, Gravel, Other Minerals, with us$1bn++ in-ground assets


We also help very select projects prepare, become funded, then profitable (process described at


·  Vision, with innovation, market and plan

·  Management Team of 3-5, each with 25+ years' experience

·  Financial projections showing us$100M+ value in 3-5 years (prefer $200mm to $1bn+)


This is accomplished through associate funding organizations, to which we are consultants, or utilizing one of us as Capital Consultants in the company is required to operate best and legally, with the other Team Members as Advisors and Management Team candidates.




Prosper Systems and its clients are rapidly growing so require excellent people now


·  Time Commitment and Environment 

1.     Working 2 hours per month (Advisor), growing as desired and available to 2-4 hours weekly then to full time after reaching minimum funding levels

2.     Responsiveness is very important 

3.     Virtually via email, phone, collaborative tools and video conferencing 

4.     Full time can optionally be on location, later, if reasonable

5.     Boards of Directors and Advisors positions are also available at less time yield and commitment (2-4 hours per month, generally no meetings for Advisors), but rewarding and lucrative


·  Compensation 

1.  Deferred but generous monthly compensation, payable after reaching minimum funding levels 

2.  Profit Sharing on high-potential, near-term $100mm to $2bn net-profit projects 

3.  Other lucrative perks 

4.  Specifics about each position will be discussed individually 


·  Locations - growing to Denver, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Reno, Nevada, California, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and NE South America 


·  Industries - see (includes High Tech, Energy and Real Estate) 


·  Referral Income Schedule* - suggest to 20% as a basis for arrangements with your Referrees 


PLEASE REFER or APPLY for these OPEN POSITIONS (Management Team or Advisory Board):


·  Senior Executives

·  Engineers

·  Geologists

·  SEC Compliance Officer

·  Corporate Counsel

·  Financial Officers

·  Operations Officers

·  Computer professionals (office, communications)

·  Real Estate professionals


·  Marketing Managers

·  Sales Managers

·  Project Managers

·  Draftspersons

·  Paralegal

·  Administrators

·  Virtual Assistant

·  Executive Assistant growing to Executive levels


·  Others that you or your associates may BOLDLY identify from our webpages


Please make Referral Income arrangements with your Referrees in advance (REFERRAL INCOME example below*). 


Ideal Candidates:


·  Highly talented in their field(s) of expertise

·  Have or manage those with 25+ years' experience in those fields

·  In the Western Americas and other jurisdictions around the world

·  2-4 hours per week available to invest in any one project

·  Other sources of income to “pay the bills” (this is not a job or fee-for-service consulting)

·  Deep desire to retire wealthy at any age in the near future


See on how we've structured one company similar to our Clients.




We are connected well to several capital firms for purchase, joint-venture and funding, but we are always interviewing …


Additional capital organizations with under us$5mm financing, lines or “flash cash” / bridge loans, to us$2bn+ for investment or purchases.


Buyers’ and Representatives’ registration is at




Not only are Boards of Advisors positions possible with our companies for you and your referrals,*

we are available to serve on a few Boards of Advisors for your company(s) and those you refer*

(we currently have many of the professionals on board who are listed in OPEN POSITIONS above, and continually interviewing more).


*REFERRAL INCOME (some US and state restrictions may apply to some licensees and business entities)


Paid by the Referred Collaborator or Capital’s Representative, OR for Companies or some Capital, by Prosper Systems (at the equivalent of one Collaborator)


Based on the income at a goal of us$1mm++ per project per Collaborator


Range:  2% (simple mention), 5% (mention with detailed information), 10% (warm introduction) to 20% (continually encouraging Referred).


More at - Referral Income



Best Regards,

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