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FREE Consultation on your Financial Freedom Account. Read on ...

Dear Executives, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:

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A Financial Freedom Account (FFA), is the money you've set aside to invest in something that will generate passive income - more than enough to pay your living expenses each month.

To generate Massive Passive Income, I'm rapidly growing my Financial Freedom Account, then aggressively investing it wider using the same INTERNATIONAL CASH-GENERATION SYSTEM that banks and big businesses use however, you may prefer something else to reach ...


For all you motivated, up-and-coming millionaires, let's talk about what you are doing and can do best with your Financial Freedom Account investments.

Based on our background in consulting, business, real estate investing and options trading - see, and - as well as close contact with imminent startup projects, and excellent real estate and other investments, together, we can quickly determine the best investment vehicle(s) for you.

For a free consultation on your investment plan, email me the following - KISS - keep it simple superstar!   (either copy and paste this into an eMail ... OR ... click your browser to email this page to, then fill in the blanks):

  • Name, eMail, Title, Website, Address, City ST ZIP, Phone (one line per item):
  • Professional, Business and Investment Experience (25 words or less):
  • Current Financial Freedom Account (FFA) level (us$0, $10K, $100K ...?):
  • Current Investment Vehicles, if any:
  • Are you Risk Averse, Seeking, or In Between:
  • Goal (principle in your FFA - you'll live off a 10-20% of it):
  • How soon do you want to reach your goal (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years ...?):

This information will not be shared with anyone, and you are giving permission for us to email you 1-4 times per month with general information.

Today is the first day of your life - act TODAY!

If you have an investment opportunity that you would like funded by one of our investors, email us the following, in this order and structure - remember KISS   (either copy and paste this into an eMail ... OR ... click your browser to email this page to, then fill in the blanks):

  • Name, eMail, Title, Website, Address, City ST ZIP, Phone (one line per item):
  • Project (25 words or less):
  • Market and Current Penetration (be very specific):
  • Current Team Members (CEO, Attorney, Marketing Mgr, Development Mgr, Production Mgr, CFO, Coach/Mentor, ...):
  • Current Investment Amounts (include self):
  • Additional Amount Seeking (us$10K, 100K, $1mm ...?):
  • How soon will you need the funding (1, 3, 6, months ...?):
  • Return on Investment stages (When and how much? - such as 6 months, 50%, 12 months, 50%, annually 20%):
  • Risk Level (High, Medium, Low):

This will not be published to anyone. We'll match your project up with investors, then put you in contact with them. No fee expected. Licensure or participation as a member of the company is required in Colorado in order to pay or receive a fee - see for more information.

Let's make serious money together!


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