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 (Often applicable to other Excel-type software)

Note: a Workbook is the Excel file, which contains 1+ Sheets

Some consider Excel to be outdated by newer analysis and table-like software, but 81% of businesses use Excel regularly, but definitely not fully.  

Following is an OUTLINE of the many, many creative possibilities
generally outside the normal use and thinking about Excel or spreadsheets in general.

In the near future, in our Group, then LinkedIn Posts and Articles, we’ll expand on several of these use enhancements, taking advantage of Excel’s conventional and advanced features.


Productivity Enhancements - Using / Consolidating / Rearranging

·  Create Text for Messaging for 1+ recipients for

§ LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook / Other Social Media

§ Mobile Text Message Systems

§ WhatsApp / Slack / Signal / Wire / Gab / Parler / Skype / Messenger

§ LinkedIn Invite (individual)

·  Create Text for Emailing (with formatting)

·  Sensitivity Analysis of one result (based on several values for 2 other parameters)

·  Create Documents (with formatting)

§ P & L

§ Balance Sheet

§ Other Accounting Inputs

§ Basic Time-Cost Accounting

§ Input forms

o With drop-down menus

o Cascading to more complex inputs

o Feed databases and accounting

o Produce reports

o Surveys

§ Basic testing (without immediate feedback or jumps)

§ Financial Analysis (Business, Investments, Startups, Expansion)

§ Summary Tables such as Pivot Tables (4-line to 1-page)

§ Charts

o Typical – bar, line, 3-D

o Seating

§ Reports – Accounting through Sales

o Many types

o Include mini charts to show trends

o Add arrows and percent changes

§ Maps

§ Presentations

o Outlines

o Slides

§ Print directly from Excel

§ Insert into Applications

o Word (can also make very good slides in minutes)

o PowerPoint

o Other Apps

o Can include dynamic charts

·  Consolidating Sheets

§ Segments

o Divisions

o Regions

o Products

o Services

§ Timing

o Real Time (on each save or upload)

o Periodic

o Year end

o Comparing to Previous Periods

§ Complications

o Different Headings

o Different Order or Number of columns

o Extra data

o Combined data

o Different Formatting within Cells

o Data Consistency allows custom adjustments per sheet source

More Enhancements

·  Separating Cells

§ Separator (which may have come from a Consolidation)

§ Size

§ Logical

·  Protection

§ Password – save somewhere master-password protected

§ Formula

§ Data sources

§ Hidden parameters

§ Input suggestions and limitations on open cells (fields) 

·  Contact Management

§ Sheets

o Often feed other sheets, transferring base identification to each row (protected from modification)

o Can be broken into multiple sheets then summarized in main sheet

o Can be a vertical form to feed on or all horizontal row

§ Full contact info – easily sortable

o Name (first, mid, last, designations)

o Email Address

o Title(s)

o Company

o Website(s)

o Profile(s)

o Address(es) – spread into number & street & unit #(s), city, state/province, postal code, country – physical and mailing

o Phone(s)

o Other communications channel IDs

o Social media link(s)

o Blog(s)

§ Next contact date

§ Next action

§ Notes with sortable dates (Year/Mo/Day)

§ Source(s)

§ Optionals (each in section in 1+ columns for ease of use)

o Region

o List(s) assigned

o Project Name(s)

o Additional information

o Address(es) formatted mailing or contracts (combined from separate columns)

o Education

o Degree(s) & School(s) & Graduation date(s)

o Extracurricular activities, education, certification

o Level of management

o Industry(s)

o Company value

o Assets

o Service / Product need(s)

o Income potential

o Commission potential

o Purchase methods

o Exit methods

o Roles

o Startup / Expansion

·  Create Mock-Ups for Software Designs (Workbook simulating 1+ pages)

·  Conversion to HTML or other language formats (plugging data into data-driven codes)

Data / Chart Sources (used for the Productivity Enhancements)

·  Within Same Sheet

·  Same Workbook

·  Another Workbook

§ Same computer

§ Shared folder

§ Web (as updated on a server)

§ Cloud storage (only certain ones)

§ Transfer Methods

o Referencing a cell, or a set of cells

o The many, complex Excel features to pull in data

·  Non-Excel Apps

§ Databases

§ Other Spreadsheet software

§ Contact Managers

§ Real Estate Listings

§ Member Lists

·  Exported or Copied from

§ Databases

§ Webpages

§ Contact Managers (with fixed or variable columns based on included)

§ Vertical set of data destined for a horizontal row


Application Areas

·  Sales

·  Projections

·  Project Management

·  Personnel / Contacts / Relationships

§ Staff

§ Partners

§ Suppliers

§ Other Contacts

§ Suspects

§ Prospects (usually pulled from Suspects)

§ Customers

·  Uploads and Downloads

§ Commercial Databases

§ Contact Managers

§ Software using an Excel exchange (CSV or XLS)

·  Estimating / Computations / Analysis

§ Real Estate

§ Natural Resources

§ Technology

§ Scientific

§ Healthcare

§ Engineering

§ Construction


5/11/22 KHJ