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"Collaboration" is the ultimate in business relationships.**  For Prosper Systems Collaboration, to help change ownership or become involved in a property or business, Collaborators include:

·    Professional Consultants

·    Facilitators

·    Joint Venture Partners

·    Licensed Attorneys

·    Licensed Brokers - Funding, Real Estate, Securities, Business or Commodities


Collaborators often Partner with:

·    Funders

·    Buyers

·    Sellers

·    Investors

·    Joint Venture Partners

·    Professional Employees

·    Referrers

·    Representatives


"Collaborator" is used at our Sales  page instead of "Broker" or "Consultant," because in some venues, a "Broker" requires a generally-restrictive license and "Consultant" is often seen as another name for an un-licensed Real Estate, Securities, Business or other-type Broker.


We are looking at other financial and legal structures to team with Sellers, Collaborators, licensed Professionals, as well as Buyers, to share profits versus one-shot income.  This has a much better long-term benefit at less out-of-pocket costs for the income-payer upon funding the deal.

     The exception may be in the commodities world where the income stream is more steady and long term.


Concept behind Collaboration


   Most professionals can be Nodes (Collaborators) in their professional Network:

·    With or without their own Business

·    Operating at several levels - Consultant, Board of Advisors, Board of Directors or Member

·    Earning income from each activity: some cash and commodity, but mostly founders equity that can be monetized in 1-2 years

·    Referring Collaborators into THE NETWORK for 2-20% of Collaborator's income (depending on level of effort:  point, warm intro, continued encouragement)

·    Investing in other businesses (generally from Collaborators’ newly-earned income; often as seed capitalists)

·    Goal- us$1mm+ per Project per Collaborator  (one of the reasons to focus on projects to sell for us$100M+ in 1-5 years)



**Collaboration Articles.  Companies, investors, professionals and entrepreneurs create new opportunities by forming collaborative relationships - examples:


·    Companies are facing a new imperative to form collaborative relationships-

·    China- even greater success by fully embracing collaboration opportunities-

·    Social to Collaboration Networks for Business- THE Next Evolution-

·    Know Objectives of Enterprise, Customers, Prospects, Employees, Partners-

·    Comparing the "almost entirely different" Collaboration and Social Networks-

·    Research Center- Latest small business collaboration news, analysis, research-


More to come at Collaboration Articles and in our Announcements Google Group


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