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General –
3 Groups

Buyers – US/Foreign

Oil and Gas –
US; US/Foreign; US/Canada



What business is the buyer in?

Finance, Real Estate, International Trade

High-Tech, Natural Resources (O&G, clean energy), Real Estate, Other

Oil and Gas; Real Estate



What kind of business/property are they looking for?

Income Properties, Oil and Gas, Commodities, Wind or Solar Projects, Mines, Hotels


High-Tech, Natural Resources (O&G, clean energy), Real Estate Businesses and Precious Assets (Art, Vehicles, Diamonds)

Producing Oil and Gas Operations

What size of business/property are they looking for? (revenue range, EBITDA range, other)

Value – us$10mm to $100M+++ (larger is better)

Value – us$10mm to $100M++; $5mm++ in revenues, $1mm++ EBITDA.  Larger is better.

Full-purchase:  us$50mm to $200mm, US; $500M+++, Foreign.
Production-only:  us$50mm to $100mm

What are the top 3 things they will look for in a potential business/property? (product line, value, management team, supplier relationships, brand, etc)

Production, Profit, Strong Management, Flexible

Priorities (from top):  Management, value, product, processes, industry, profitability, early but strong phase in the business cycle

In-place experienced management; stable with growth potential for 3+ years.
Full-purchase:  Production of 6K++/- bbl of oil/equivalent per day to make worth us$50M++.
Production-only:  1K+/- bbl of oil/equivalent per day (BOEPD).

What additional skills and resources do they bring to the deal (growth capital, new skills, familiarity with other markets, etc)

Additional Capital; Connections and talented professionals for Boards of Advisors, Directors, and possibly Management Team

Capital, contacts, experience, expertise, critical thinking skills, more

Long-term O&G successes, strong financial resources, preference to have existing management stay in place

LOCATION of Buyers

USA – NY, NC, FL, LA, CO, CA, other states and Foreign

Western USA and Foreign

USA – East Coast; Texas; Chicago

SOURCE of Funds (location; private, firm, institutional)

USA, Europe, Mid-East and India; firms, institutional

Western USA; personal, friends of primary buyers, and funds (private equity and other institutional); Foreign; private

Full-purchase:  USA – East Coast & Texas;
Production-only:  USA- firm, institutional

LOCATION for Purchases

World, except US enemies

North America and Foreign

Full-purchase:  USA or World except declared US enemies;
Production-only:  USA/Canada.


What are the financial parameters the buyer/investor is looking for?

Cash purchase within 30-90 days from contract

Cash purchase within 30-90 days from contract

Full-purchase:  Cash purchase within 7 days from contract;
Production-only:  cash, 90-120 days from contract



What other companies/properties does the buyer have?

Several worldwide

Many High-Tech, Natural Resources (O&G, clean energy), Real Estate; Precious Assets

Full-purchase:  many O&G projects;
Production-only:  Real Estate and O&G production

What synergies would the buyer like to achieve?

Cooperation with management to continue production and profit

Cooperation with management to continue production, collaboration and profit

Cooperation with management to continue production and profit

MANAGEMENT (for business purchases)


Describe the management team the buyer can bring to the table

Many connections with potential Management Team Members; Prosper Systems can provide highly-talented Advisors

Expertise in the areas listed above; participate on Boards

Will use existing management

Does the buyer want the existing management team to stay in place?

Possible, but generally not necessary

Yes, for most situations


If so, for how long?

Until operation and relationship with Owners has stabilized

At least 6 months

Full-purchase:  6 months or more, until replaced;
Production-only:  continuous.


What type of transaction is the buyer interested in? (purchase/buyout, growth equity investment, majority or minority position, etc)

Generally buyout, but open to creative options mutually beneficial to seller and buyer

Purchase/buyout, growth equity investment, majority or minority position

Full-purchase:  buyout;.
Production-only:  20%-49% of production