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Updated 1/5/2020 by KHJ

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“This it is the best method of selling large assets $200 Million and above I’ve seen and used in the 60 years I’ve been in business.  It generally takes 3 to 7 years to sell assets this size.”  After a few days of coordination, closing on the asset is 90 days IN CASH for 100% of the asset price (including all broker commissions).


Quote from long-time Associate and 50-year Real Estate Broker, who is now an international asset sales consultant.  He has vetted and is now working with a very strong BUYER who wants several LARGE ASSETS, such as:


Office building,  shopping center,  grocery chain,  fast food chain,  brand store chain,  sport team,  radio & TV chain,  5* hotel/casino or 5* hotel/resort,  large agriculture farm,  large timber acreage,  large cattle ranch,  active mine with proven reserves,  oil refinery,  paper mill,  manufacturing company,  sport teams,  master painting,  antique collection,  coin collection,  stamp collection,  ships,  airplanes,  diamonds,  or other LARGE ASSET with the following:


  • PROVEN VALUE of US$200M+++ (the larger, the better, with current appraisal or can be quickly appraised by a major bank)


  The same Buyer wants us$50M++ uncut raw diamonds 5 carats or more.


  • Virtually DEBT-FREE


  • ANY DEVELOPED COUNTRY where the SELLER can access a major global bank (AVOID contentious, communist and rogue nations)


  • SELLER-PAID COMMISSION of 4%-10% shared among the major Collaborators


Major Collaborators (Brokers, Lawyers, BUYER's or SELLER's Direct/Mandate) paid via a paymaster - minor Collaborators (introducers, consultants, referrers) compensated by their referred Collaborator


SELLERs will need to stay on as employees or replace themselves with qualified, trained management as soon as possible.




  • Straight-forward process under the observation and certain control of the SELLER's global bank of choice.


  • The SELLER meets the BUYER face-to-face.


  • Cash on closing, in 90 days from contracting for sale.


  • Feel good that the BUYER uses the profits for HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS around the world.


Ask your questions and email Large Asset specifications ASAP.  Our Mission, Market, Management and Money system format is an excellent starting point.


Thank you for your PARTICIPATION,



Kenton Johnson <Buyer-LargeAssets@ProsperSystems.biz>, Founding Member

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