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Kenton Johnson, Founding Member  CLICK TO FOR PERSONAL WEB PAGE
Kenton Johnson
Founding Member

Hello Executives / Business Owners:

Prosper Systems is a group of highly-experienced, C-level professionals, dedicated to accomplish the following:

Legacy Activities:


Commercial Finance

Initially, the focus of most projects and businesses is the myriad Finance Options (click for Info List).
We Consult on ALL these options, and Structure, help Prepare then Deliver to the BEST Financial Resources.

Business Conceptualize, Capitalize, Complete and Close Services

A major investment creating unlimited opportunity is building or expanding your own business. You may have been successful already, but finding that attracting superior resources, including the funding, is becoming more difficult.

We've been involved in highly-collaborative, talented business organizations since 1992, that have helped start 50,000+ businesses and raise us$3bn+ in Capital.

We've developed relationships with many excellent business talents, as well as with Capital sources from us$100K to $100M, and provide:

  • Preparation (Conceptualize):  analyze/upgrade management team, plans, financials, operations, documentation and presentations.

  • Process (Capitalize):  funder connections, presentations, negotiations and staging - using the myriad Finance Options.

  • Profit (Complete):  marketing, sales, operations, technology, personnel, services, project management, financing, opportunities, acquisitions and investment.

  • Optional: Purchase (Close):  optimize business stage, prepare for Public Offering or for our many buyers, maximize return on efforts and investments, and if desired, continue through the transistion.
Request a highly-professional FREE Startup / Expansion Overview REVIEW, and learn:

• Overall evaluation of your Overview.

• How best to improve your success.

• Your best FINANCE Options and how you may approach their providers.

We operate as Consultants - fee-for-service or our high-value Subscription Consulting Service - or as an equity-based Chief Capital Officer.

To learn more or to participate as a Collaborator (co-Consultant), Referrer, Representative or Capital provider, see:

Schedule a Call TODAY (with Video Options)


Large Project Collaboration

We collaborate with Owners, Cash Buyers and other Collaborators on us$10mm to $100M++ projects around the world:

  • Turnkey Income Properties - Hotels, Apartment Complexes, Malls, Office Buildings, Industrial Parks

  • High-Tech - hardware, software, services and mobile Apps

  • Energy Fields - Oil, Gas, Shale, Wind, Solar, Geothermal

  • Mines - Gold, Silver, PGM, Other Metals, Coal, Uranium, Gravel, Other Minerals

We have Consultants available for:

  • Asset Evaluation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Real Estate
  • Securities
  • Legal
  • Business Planning and Implementation

We charge a reasonable amount to the owners and share it with participating Collaborators who are not charged.

To learn more or to participate as a Buyer, Collaborator, Referrer or Representative,
see our Large Project Collaboration Page

Owners:  The best way to sell your Projects the fastest is to download and complete our high-tech, yet straight-forward Aproject App.*

Buyers, Collaborators and Referrers/Representatives:
To receive the best Projects, the soonest, download and complete the Abcrr App* per our Collaboration Steps

* Application Assistance provided at the top rate by our Project Support Service.

All: Join our Prosper Systems Business/Projects/Insights Collaboration Announcement Group.

Always open to More Resources (Companies, Collaborators and Capital - referral and participation)

Schedule a Call TODAY (with Video Options)



Neither Prosper Systems, LLC (PS), nor its Founding Member, Kenton H Johnson, are licensed Real Estate or Lending Brokers, Securities Dealers or Investment Advisers. However, PS has an Attorney on its Team, as well as works closely, engages and will have other Licensed individuals or firms on its Team. PS makes no warranties or representations as to the quality of an opportunity, the integrity of the Buyer, Owner or associated Collaborators, or the value of a given transaction. PS is acting only as Collaborator with Buyers, Owners or their Collaborators. All due diligence is the responsibility of Buyers, Owners and their Collaborators.


Team Members

As an indication of the breadth and depth of Prosper Systems' personnel talents and background, we provide the following Team Member Bios.

Prosper Systems LLC's Resume / Vita, based on those Members in this Section, is at Resume.ProsperSystems.biz
Click on individual Team names for more on specialties, experience, projects and recommendations.

Team Member Vitas (275 years' experience; 18-59 per Member; average 34; median 31; Financing to us$20mm; Company Sales to us$12mm; Supervision to 200; P&L responsibility to us$220mm)

CLICK FOR VITAKenton H Johnson, MS/BS Inter-Disciplinary Systems, Engineering, Founding Member, is a 40-year independent businessman and successful 50-year veteran of small to large project development, marketing and sales, with P&L responsibility to $220mm & growing.

CLICK FOR VITAStephen M Strigel, MS Operations Management, BA Business Administration, USAF Instructor Certificate, Owner OWG Enterprises, Financial and Business Management Advisory Team Member, has 26 years' experience in business consulting, financial structuring and debt restructuring, with P&L responsibility to multiple $millions.

CLICK FOR VITAChristopher L Wright, PE, BS Mining, Qualified Person, Operations Advisory Team Member, has spent 27 years enabling mining projects, assuring maximum productivity and extraction rates, with P&L responsibility to multiple $millions.

CLICK FOR VITAT Goode, BS Commerce and Finance, ND Health, Life Consultant, has 59 years' experience as an entrepreneur and veteran of teaching, public speaking, sales and seminar production, and has supervised and motivated business teams of up to 100 professionals.

CLICK FOR VITAC Woods, Post-Graduate Paleontology, BS Geology and Paleontology, Geologic and Environmental Compliance Advisory Team Member, has 37 years' experience of project management and supervision in hard-rock and oil geology, as well as environmental compliance, with P&L responsibility to multiple $millions.

CLICK FOR VITAN Scott Kendall, Independent Mining and Metals Professional, Law Student, Mining and Electrical Advisory Board Member, has 35 years' experience in the Mining and Electrical construction businesses, and has had P&L responsibility to multiple $millions.

CLICK FOR VITARichard A Schwartz, Jr, Esq, JD, BBA Finance, Legal Advisory Board Member, has 18 years' experience in Business and Law - Corporate, Criminal, Civil, Divorce and Estate Planning - with a strong network for discussing or referring US and state SEC matters, with P&L responsibility to multiple $millions.

CLICK FOR VITAReid P Lester, MBA Strategic Planning & Business Operations/Development, BS Administration, Management & Finance, Organizational Management Advisory Board Member, has 23 years' experience, as a results-oriented, business development leader, building organizations, developing management teams, and significantly improving operational performance, with P&L responsibility to multiple $millions.


Legacy Activity: Passive Income Systems

Passive Real Estate Investing

To serve you, I've applied 40 years of real estate and project management experience to do the research, structuring and daily management for safe, highly-profitable real estate investing.

  • We do the research: asset evaluation,
  • We make decisions together - property, legal structure, professionals, exit strategies, ...
  • You provide the money and credit
  • We do 97% of the work, with Ltd POAs if you prefer, with access to all the resources of an agent
  • We share the profits equally

The immediate investment plan is acquiring potentially us$100k to $1mm++ property's ARV (after rehab value): wholesale flip, retail flip, turnkey flip or lease.

Example Fully-Analyzed Prosper Systems Investment eBrief
Email Us to be added to our regular eBrief email list.

We're focused on a few Metro-Denver nice neighborhoods:
Pre-construction • Brand new • Very recent • Classic • Emerging
(ensures minimal construction costs to prepare for market).

Projects worth under us$250,000:
Appreciate well • Attract the largest number of Buyers • Sell very well • Excellent tax advantages • Superior profit or cash flow.

Projects worth us$250,000 and up:
Appreciate well • Attract superior Buyers • Enhance your portfolio • Safe and enjoyable to visit • Excellent tax advantages • Excellent profit potential • Pride of ownership.

In any case, the numbers need to be great for a minimum of 100% Annual ROI for you (60% per year if a rental for more than six months).

We work with the best Real Estate professionals in all aspects of the process:
Purchase • Legal • Tax • Lending • Appraisal • Rehab • Staging • Leasing • Sales

Later, we'll branch out beyond Metro Denver to wherever the investments are within a two-hour drive of scheduled-flight airports. After that, I'll go anywhere in the world for truly great investments.

If this works for you, let's talk asap
(start with a simple eMail - thanks.)

Example Fully-Analyzed Prosper Systems Investment eBrief
Example Referral Prosper Systems Investment eBrief
Email Us be added to our regular eBrief email list

Active Real Estate Investing

To serve active investors buying and selling great projects, we also work very closely with state-wide real estate agencies, so we accomplish all the work for buying and selling via the Broker/Owners: MLS research, comps, contracts, etc.

Example Fully-Analyzed Prosper Systems Investment eBrief
Example Referral Prosper Systems Investment eBrief
Click to be added to our regular eBrief email list

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Legacy Activity: Passive Internet Marketing

From 14+ years as a webmaster, I've found the formula that makes Internet marketers wealthy:
GOgitMMM™ - (make a) Great Offer - Get (prospect) Information Today (builds a database) - Market Market Market - increases sales 10-20 fold!

See more at GOgitMMM.ProsperSystems.biz
Email Us for a Free Initial Consultation.

Legacy Activity: Other Passive Income Streams

Real Estate Investing is one of many passive investment possibilities ranging from us$1,000 on up with 30% Annual ROI and more. Please visit Financial Freedom Account Management - initial consultation currently offered at no charge.


Legacy Activity: Go Beyond Survive to Thrive! - Accelerate Your Education

The power of education programs and resources is the use of a regular, disciplined development systems, driving deep, fostering action, creating habits and develop strategies and systems, in order to create success which will truly last.

Programs include:

Other Trusted Suppliers include:

To join an elite growing group of executives and business owners who are getting the edge they need to go survive and beyond to thrive and succeed, let's start with a simple eMail.


Let's make serious money together!


PROSPER SYSTEMS, LLCKenton H Johnson, Founding Member
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